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2014 DMG Mori NTX-1000SZM ***SOLD***


    [id] => 3078
    [product] => 2014 DMG Mori NTX-1000SZM ***SOLD***
    [sold_out] => true
Max Swing of Work Piece:  17.7"
Max Turning Diameter (Tool Spindle/Turret Z): 16.9/10.8+"
Max Turning Length:  31.5"
Max Distance Between Centers:  41.3"
Spindle 1 Speed:  6000 RPM
Spindle 1 Thru Diameter 2.9" option
Spindle 1 Chuck Size:  8"
Spindle 2 Speed:  6000 RPM
Spindle 2 Hole Diameter:  2.4"
Spindle 2 Chuck Size:  6"
Tool Spindle Taper:  CAPTO 5
Tool Spindle Speed:  12,000 RPM
Swivel Range of B-Axis:  +/- 120 degrees
Swivel Speed of B-Axis:  100 RPM
Tool Storage Capacity:  76 Tools (CAPTO 5)
Lower Turret Number of Stations:  10 (of which 10 are live, max speed 10000 RPM)
Tool Spindle Travel X, Y, Z:  17.9 +/-, 4.1, 31.4"  (+6.5 ATC)
Spindle 2 Travel A:  32.3"


Chip Conveyor

High Pressure Coolant

LNS Quickload S2 Barfeed

Tooling Included (See picture/ list attached)

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