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2015 DMG Mori DMU-50 ***SOLD***


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    [product] => 2015 DMG Mori DMU-50 ***SOLD***
    [sold_out] => true
Swivel Range of B Axis -5/+110
Max X Axis Travel:  19.7 in
Max Y Axis Travel:  17.7 in
Max Z Axis Travel:  15.7 in
Max Table Load:  661 lbs
Table Diameter:  24.8 in
Max Workpiece Height:  11.8 in
Max Rotational Speed (option):  18000 rpm
Power (100% power-on time):  19.4 hp
Torque (100% power-on time):  62 ft/lbs
Max Capacity:  60
Type of Tooling:  CAT 40
Max XYZ Axis:  98.4 ft/min


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