Protech Machine Tool Sales takes great pride in carrying some of the highest quality used CNC machinery equipment across the United States

We carry well-known manufacturers such as DMG Mori. After procuring a machine, it is brought to our warehouse and thoroughly serviced and/or repaired by our highly qualified technicians to ensure it is running properly. Although we stock a wide range of equipment, if you do not see what you are looking for please Contact Us and we will locate the perfect machine for you.

Browse our current inventory of DMG Mori below:

You'll find a wide selection of our DMG Mori machinery below. Click on a specific machine's listing for details or request a quote and one of our associates will contact you shortly. If you don’t see a specific machine or model you are interested in, let us know, and our team will track down a machining center or the equipment you need.

2016 DMG Mori NVX-7000/ 50
2018 DMG Mori NLX-2500SY/ 700 ***SOLD***
2015 DMG Mori NLX-2500SY/ 700 ***SOLD***
2013 DMG Mori NVX-5100 II/ 40 ***SOLD***
2013 DMG Mori DMU-50 ***SOLD***
2015 DMG Mori DuraVertical 5100 ***SOLD***
2013 DMG Mori MillTap 700 ***SOLD***
2015 DMG Mori NHX-4000 (5) Pallet Pool System ***SOLD***
2014 DMG Mori NLX-1500SY/ 500 ***SOLD***
2013 DMG Mori NLX-2500/ 700 ***SOLD***
2014 DMG Mori NLX-2000SY/ 500 ***SOLD***
2014 DMG Mori NHX-5000 ***SOLD***
2015 DMG Mori NLX-2500/700 ***SOLD***
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