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At Protech Machine Tool Sales, we take great pride in carrying used CNC machinery equipment that is high quality and reliable. Although we stock a wide range of equipment, if you do not see what you are looking for please contact our team and we will locate the specific machine for you.

At Protech Machine Tool Sales we offer more than just a transaction. Increase your production capabilities with our CNC machine shop—get the perfect machine.

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We help customers:

Save on material costs — maximize your profits by getting high-quality, used CNC machinery. Our used CNC machines are inspected for efficiency so that you can use as much of your material as possible in one go.

Use your time efficiently — ensure your used CNC machine works for optimal programming. Our used CNC machines can double your capabilities for production.

Get profitable in days, not weeks — the transition period from your product delivered to making money will be minimized with our full support staff and highly qualified technicians.

Buy CNC Machines Used

Get the job done with our top CNC machine brands. As the adage goes, everything old can be new again. Purchasing our pre-owned CNC machine tools allows you to increase production, and most importantly, cut costs.

Protech Machine Tool Sales provides the following to maintain the highest quality:

  • Thorough inspections
  • Highly qualified technicians
  • And among the broadest range of CNC equipment to choose from

When looking for pre-owned, upcycling, recycling, and used CNC machines for sale, smart shoppers know the value of our CNC machines based on a high-quality and reliable inventory. Our CNC lathes are comparable to the HAAS brand. Add value to your investment with Protech Machine Tools.

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CNC Machine Lathe For Sale Used

At Protech Machine Tool Sales we have the most reliable used CNC machine solutions. Our inventory includes horizontal machining centers, CNC vertical machining centers, multi-axis turning, and turning centers.

As one of the best CNC machine shops we offer our customers:

  • Competitive Prices
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Honesty

Our extensive knowledge of machinery manufacturing ensures you receive time and cost-saving CNC machines.

Our Resell CNC Machines Are High-Quality And Reliable

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Industry leaders have found our used CNC machine for sale inventory offers the best when looking for affordable and pre-owned machinery.

The three most important things to know about your used CNC machine retailer include:

Used CNC Machines for Sale Market Knowledge

As an industrial resale business, we can answer many questions about the market. Our extensive CNC inventory provides our team with more than hands-on experience. We have vast knowledge about machinery assessments, pricing, availability, delivery, and quality.

At Protech Machine Tool Sales, you’ll find a used CNC machine retailer who educates you throughout your entire purchase process and answers all the questions you might have. Our CNC used machine inventory are all ensured for reliability and quality. Purchasing or selling pre-owned CNC equipment with the assistance of a company that understands the market provides you with solutions that save time and money.

We serve customers with high-quality sales transactions. Moreover, we can provide you with the most high-performing and valuable used CNC machinery equipment that fits your needs.

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Protech has it all. At Protech Machine Tool Sales, we have highly sought after used CNC machinery brands and an easily searchable inventory.

Choosing a used CNC machinery retailer with a massive reach provides you with a resourceful, seamless, and lucrative experience. Buying and re-selling used CNC machinery for your machine shop requires you to find a CNC machine retailer with a robust inventory to ensure the best quality.

At Protech Machine Tool Sales, we provide used CNC machinery from top leading brands. Our Protech standard will make your search for the perfect used CNC machine for sale a fast and straightforward process. We have national clients and beyond due to our inventory.

  1. Industry Reputation Trust and credibility are essential in any transaction. The re-selling of used CNC machinery equipment is based on an honest representation of the product. Nowadays, it’s easy to research a company’s reputation. While CNC machinery market knowledge and widespread customer reach are needed, our industry reputation tops the list. At Protech, we love sharing our extensive knowledge of CNC machinery and expertise. What’s more, we have many CNC machine sales year-round.We can meet your purchasing needs with your used CNC machine for sale from our extensive inventory selection while providing long-term satisfaction standards. Our inventory has many units available, and all our models are the highest quality in used CNC machinery equipment.Protech Machine Tool Sales is a highly sought-after leader in resellable used machine equipment. We are the number one CNC machine supplier of enormous capacity, late-model, and early-model CNC machinery. Make the right purchase that fits your long-term used CNC machinery equipment needs and go with a proven high-quality retailer.

Buy Used CNC Lathes From The Best Retailer

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At Protech Machine Tool Sales, you’ll receive specialty technicians, a fantastic sales support staff, and a vast inventory. Our buyers and sellers come from aerospace, defense, automotive, small parts, and medical industries. We proudly serve our clients with a consistent and top quality CNC machine for sale inventory.

Protech Machine Tool Sales has some of the best CNC technicians in the country. Our services are both reliable and affordable. We take pride in having the most well-stocked, highest quality inventory alongside the best technicians available.

Our CNC Lathe Buying Process

Our process of procuring a machine is thorough—you’ll be able to get a selection of:

Well-inspected used CNC machines — our highly qualified technicians service every machine and ensure it is running at the highest performance level.

A vast range of CNC equipment — our CNC machine for sale inventory is well-stocked every day of the year and can locate a machine for you if it’s not seen online.

CNC machines prepared for high-performance — our used CNC machine for sale inventory is ready for your high-performance needs. We supply only the best due to a primary focus for maintaining excellent CNC machinery for sale.

We take great pride in carrying the highest quality used CNC machine equipment throughout the United States. Protech is experienced with all types of CNC machinery with a specific focus on maintaining a high-quality inventory.

We offer monthly specials, CNC machine sales, qualified technicians, a massive inventory of used CNC machines, and more. Enjoy some of the best CNC machinery for sale alongside superb customer service—we can consistently provide you with an excellent buying and selling experience. Our Protech staff offers quality on every front of our customer service.

At Protech Machine Tool Sales, we have consistently carried used CNC machinery equipment that is high-quality and reliable. A high-performing and used CNC machine for sale is our specialty. These machines are the same excellent quality that you have come to expect but at bargain prices. Getting your high-quality and immaculate used CNC machine from Protech guarantees outstanding quality.

What is better than buying a quality used CNC machine from Protech that is on a monthly special! Our used CNC machine for sale inventory is the preferred among customers due to Protech Machine Tool Sales delivering high-quality used machines for every transaction with every customer.

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