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2021 DMG MORI DMF 200 I 8

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2021 DMG MORI DMF 200 I 8


Installed May 2023
5 Axis Simultaneous
Traveling Column
CELOS with Siemens 840D Control
Rigid Table with Rotary Axis (Center)
Dynamic Package for DMF 200 Linear
Infrared Measuring Probe PP60 Optical
Chip Flushing for work area
Oil Mist Separator
Air Blast Through Spindle Center
3D quickset
Blum Tool Laser Measuring
High Pressure Coolant
Chip Conveyor


Product Location Anaheim, CA
Spindle Taper HSK-A63
Max Spindle Speed 20,000 RPM
Tool Changer Capacity 90 Positions
Travel X / Y / Z 78.74" / 31.49" / 33.46"
Max Workpiece Length 90.6"
Max Workpiece Diameter 41.3"
Max Workpiece Width 33.5"
Max Workpiece Height 35.4"
Max Workpiece Weight 4,409.2 lbs
Table Size 90"x33"
B Axis Integrate Swivel Milling Head 120 Deg
Integrated Rotary Table Diameter 31.4"
Integrated Rotary Table Speed 50 RPM

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